What to Expect When Putting Up Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy counter tops are an outstanding selection for those trying to find a long lasting, eye-catching countertop that can take on a lot of deterioration. It is additionally very easy to clean and maintain. But prior to you go on and also begin mounting an epoxy counter, you require to know what to expect. Prior to you can pour an epoxy countertop, the surface area requires to be extensively cleaned as well as prepared. This will certainly ensure that any dust and also particles will not wind up in the epoxy and also cause it to bubble or have a rough coating. Next, you should ensure that your sink and any kind of other surfaces are well protected with plastic sheet or painter’s tape to avoid the epoxy from running onto these locations. This is because the epoxy can conveniently diminish onto floorings as well as other surfaces, so it is necessary to shield these locations when you’re putting the counter. As soon as you’ve obtained all the preparation done, it’s time to actually pour the counter. You can either utilize a mixing recipe or a trowel to use the material. Simply make sure that you have enough material for every color you’re using. When it concerns spreading the epoxy over your counter, it is best to see to it that you are making use of a smooth even layer to ensure that the counter tops will look attire. It’s likewise a great suggestion to use a 2nd layer of the epoxy after the very first coat has cured effectively to ensure that you can cover any kind of uneven areas. To aid the 2nd layer of the epoxy stay with your counter, you must apply some heat with a strike clothes dryer or a warm gun. This will certainly help to coax the air bubbles out of the material. Once you have the first layer of the epoxy treated and the second layer is applied, it will certainly take about two days for your new counters to be fully hardened. After the second coat has healed, you can utilize a brush or sponge to sand the edges of your counters. This will certainly help the sides to look more even as well as give them a polished, rounded look. Lastly, it is an excellent suggestion to wipe the counters down after each use with soapy water. This will certainly assist to eliminate any type of grease or food spots that might have embeded in. Cleaning up an epoxy countertop consistently is a vital step to maintain it looking nice as well as keeping it healthy and balanced. This will help to stay clear of scratches as well as scuffs that can take place over time, especially if you are frequently placing hot items on the counter. Another common trouble with an epoxy counter is staining, which can be a significant discomfort to deal with otherwise taken care of promptly. This is because the epoxy tends to be quite rock-hard when it’s new and if it obtains splashed on the counter, it will set into the surface completely. Fortunately, there are several items offered that can remove stains and also repair scrapes. Nonetheless, it is always an excellent suggestion to attempt to stay clear of discoloration in the first place.

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